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I founded The China Signal in October 2020 as a spin-off from my primary newsletter, Mundo. In recent years, I’ve had an interesting vantage point to witness the growing U.S.-China rivalry. Walking the corridors of the Pentagon, the United Nations, board rooms, and parliament houses for meetings and briefings with politicians and officials in the U.S. and Australia, talk of this rivalry was unavoidable.

Yet throughout my frequent visits to Colombia, I was surprised at how little awareness there was of China’s growing role in Latin America in my conversations with officials and professionals.

The China Signal works to fill this gap. Each week, I draw on my experience analysing U.S.-China relations, combining it with my interests in Latin America over the past decade. The result is a weekly briefing of the most important political and economic news between China and Latin America, tailored for businesses, investors, and political risk analysts.

What readers say

“Mitch’s carefully curated reports are a must-read for me each week—a go-to for news and analysis on all things China-LAC.”

Margaret Myers - Director, Asia & Latin America Program , Inter-American Dialogue

“As someone who closely follows PRC activities in Latin America, I find Mitch Hayes’ The China Signal to be extraordinarily valuable in keeping abreast of the latest developments across the region, including the breadth of the selection, the link to articles, and his informed commentary on the activities involved and their context.”

Dr. R. Evan Ellis - Latin America Research Professor, U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute

About Mitch Hayes

I’m a geopolitical risk analyst and advisor at Veracity Worldwide, based in New York. Previously, I was the advisor to former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd at the Asia Society Policy Institute, where I focused on China’s political economy. Before this, I was the advisor to the US Consul General in Sydney, covering economic and political issues in Australia in the region. I also worked for J.P. Morgan in Sydney, and the hedge fund Brevet Capital in New York. You can see more of my experience on my personal website.

I’m an Australian by birth with a love for the great outdoors, a Colombian through marriage with a zeal for el ritmo y el sabor, with a global perspective by curiosity and profession. 

Aside from The China Signal and Mundo, my analysis has been published by The Lowy Institute, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Oxford Analytica. I have an MSc in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a Masters in Health Economics from the University of Queensland. I’m also an avid distance runner and coach, as the co-founder and leader of Bunji Running with my wife.

You can contact me directly at mitchhayes1@gmail.com

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The most important political and economic developments between China and Latin America for investors, diplomats, and analysts.


Director at G3, founder of The China Signal and Mundo.
Nohelia Rivera-Matias is a Peruvian legal analyst with a focus on China-Latin America relations and public policies. Her current research examines the impact of China's diplomatic recognition in Central America.
LatAm Political Analyst. Graduated with honors in Latin American Studies (MA) - including a 3-month thesis fieldwork research in the "estallido social" Chile - and International Relations (BA)
Master of International Affairs graduate from the University of California, San Diego's School of Global Policy & Strategy. Specializing in China-Latin America relations. Passionate about the intersection between foreign policy and human rights.